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GCR Live: Law Leaders Global 2024

On February 2, Axinn partner Craig Minerva will moderate the “Antitrust: A Vertical Revival? Expanding the Enforcement Toolkit” panel at Global Competition Review’s Law Leaders Global Conference, being held January 31 to February 2.

The panel will cover new antitrust regulations and guidelines that have been introduced in the EU and UK, as well as the revival of vertical enforcement that has taken place in the U.S. and across Asia. 

We are thrilled to support this year's Law Leaders Global Conference, which will bring together antitrust industry leaders for productive discussions and networking opportunities.

With the heightened focus on vertical agreements by antitrust authorities in recent years, I’m eager to lead a discussion on this increasingly significant topic at GCR Live’s Law Leaders Global Conference,” said Axinn partner Craig Minerva. “Our impressive panel lineup promises valuable insights, and I anticipate a dynamic exchange of perspectives.”


antitrust, regulatory